Naini Peak | China Peak

Naini Peak is the highest viewpoint in Nainital with an altitude of 2615 m. It is also known as China Peak or Cheena Peak among locals. Naini Peak is a popular attraction for tourists who want to go away from the busy Nainital town.

Naini Peak or China Peak is famous for?

Naini Peak trek is famous amongst trekkers and hikers as great day activity. Trek to Naini Peak from the Nainital market is around 6 km. After reaching the top of Naini Peak you can see one of the most amazing pictures views of Nainital Lake and the town around it. Naini Peak is also famous for bird watching and can see them in their natural habitat.

How to reach Naini Peak?

As you start hiking from Naini Lake towards Naini Peak, you will start to notice houses of locals of Nainital. And slowly as you gain elevation Nainital town starts to left behind and the forest start to take over. Trek is covered with Himalayan flora and fauna and gives you a view of beautiful Nainital lake from different heights. Once you reach the Peak you can find the forest ranger stopover and a temple. You can ask him about the way to the viewpoint of Naini Peak. And if you are lucky you can also get some refreshments from the forest ranger. Make sure you start the trek downhill towards Nainital town before the sunset because it becomes dark really quickly in the mountains.


Pro travel tip: If you have time then you can trek down from the other side of the Naini Peak toward Pangot and enjoy the nature and wildlife around you. And in the end, you can catch a bus or shared vehicle from Pangot to Nainital town.

Ideal Visit duration: 
3-4 hrs


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