Review on Kheerganga by Arnav Mathur

Posted on 3 years 8 months ago

Kheerganga is a a must do when in Kasol or Manali , India. Kasol, located in the state of Himachal Pradesh is the hippie paradise with the weed growing freely everywhere. Malana , the magical valley producing the best hash in the world is a half day trek from Kasol. The base point of the trek is from Barshiani which is 20 km from Kasol and one can reach Barshiani via private cabs or via local buses.

The highest point of this trek is 13,025 feet. Kheerganga is also the first halt if you are going for the Pin Parvati Trek.Its a 12-14 km trek one way and it is mostly acclivity for the majority of the part.The trail passes through villages, apple orchards and finally through a mountain trail.There are a lot of cafes en route to grab a quick bite and refresh.

Generally the trek is an easy one but during monsoons it becomes a bit challenging as it is all slushy slushy.We crossed a waterfall and a landslide en route which was an experience in itself.The reward of trekking for 4-5 hours over a distance of 12-14 km is taking a relaxing dip in the hot water springs which are the highlight of the trek.The springs are sure to relax your muscles and shoo away the tiredness and it is said that the water has some therapeutic properties.

PS : If you are trekking during the rains, be sure to carry a poncho and good trekking boots.Avoid heavy rucksacks as they slow your speed.

As responsible travelers, kindly do not litter the trail and get all your trash back with you to the base

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