Jaipur- Pink city of Rajasthan rich in culture, heritage and majestic architecture of Royals.

Being an avid wanderer, Jaipur was always on my list. As we had planned to visit Ajmer dargah, we executed Jaipur trip too.

Here I am sharing My Day in Jaipur Journey. If you are short of time like us or need some suggestions, hope this blog helps you out.

We went via Shatabdi from Delhi- Ajmer 6 am and reached the destination on time. We had already booked hotels online for Ajmer and Jaipur as its always hassle-free and money saving. We stayed for a day and left for Jaipur the next day.

Jaipur has many places to explore and a day is indeed less but considering the diverse cities and places of India, a day is pretty much. We had booked Hotel Mansingh which is on the busy streets of the city, so everything we found was near and within the circle.

We had booked a one-day cab to explore the forts, heritages, shopping and eateries of Jaipur.

Cost 1750Rs from 8-5pm (if extra, money depends upon the kms). It also depends upon cab providers.

Before exploring the places, kindly search out the opening timings of each fort or heritages as it will give you the clear view to visit the forts accordingly. I will share the timings here but it can vary depend upon the season, year or any festivals (timings easily available on google)

1) Amer Fort

The magnificent AMER fort is situated 11 km from the city. This is the main tourist attraction and without this visit, Jaipur tour is incomplete. Beautiful heritage presentation of Rajput and Muslim architecture. You can hire guide/ audio guide as this place deserves to know about its history. Really the emperor and its assembly royal life glimpse take you back to their times. Minimum 1-2 hours required to see the palace.

Suggestion - If going by cab, kindly tell the driver to drop till vehicle is allowed up because reaching the top from the start especially in hot weather will make you exhausted and the excitement will fade away.

Opening time - 8 am with 100Rs entry fee. If you are a student, carry your ID for less fee.

So, make AMER fort your first visit as it opens early compared to all other forts.

2) Nahargarh Fort

This fort is on the edges of the Aravalli hills and near to AMER fort. Both Jaigarh and Nahargarh Fort are nearby. We went to the gate of Jaigarh and turned back towards Nahargarh, as this fort was suggested more to visit. Indeed, the fort was worth visiting. The architectures, gates and wall art are mesmerizing. The rooftop of the fort gives a breath-taking view of Jaipur city. Made me wonder how the Maharajas rule their city through this view.

Suggestion - Make this visit soon after AMER fort or before the scorching heat begins because then only one can enjoy the rooftop view.

Opening time - 10 am with 50Rs entry fee. If you are a student, carry your ID for less fee.

3) City Palace

The Royal City Palace is situated in the core of the Pink city. It depicts the royal life of the Maharajas. There is durbar inside where all the important meetings used to be done and museum where one can see the clothes, pictures and many things of ancient times. Apart, the beautiful architecture and cultural artwork make one fascinated.

Jantar Mantar is right across the Jaipur palace. Since we had got exhausted and have Jantar Mantar in Delhi too, so we skipped it.

Opening time - 9 am with 130Rs entry fee. If you are a student, carry your ID for less fee.

4) Hawa Mahal

It is situated near to City Palace and on the main market road, making it difficult to get a perfect click. Hawa Mahal glimpse makes you feel happy because of its pink colour and architecture. It has many windows from where all the Royal women of families would see the festivals, occasions and daily life without being seen from outside.

We clicked outside and went as suggested by many.

5) Jal Mahal

Located in the middle of the Man Sagar Lake. We had some snacks, photos and went.

6) Albert Hall Museum

This museum is the oldest museum of the state and situated in the heart of the city, near to famous local bazaars and railway station. As we were exhausted, we clicked the pics from outside and went. If you have a keen interest in museums, then do visit inside.

Shopping Places

Johri Bazaar and Bapu bazaar - both are nearby and have many good kinds of stuff and varieties which you always wanted from Rajasthani Collections.

Tip - Be best in bargaining

Food hubs

Near to our Hotel, we found a good restaurant- Rawat (group of restaurants) famous for kachori and sweets. We had vegetarian thali which included- 4 parathas, rice, daal. 2 vegs, 1 sweet dish, raita, papad @300

Tapri - If you are a tea lover, then visit this eatery. As the name says, it has variant types of tea with great ambiance.

Suggestion - Don’t miss to have Kulhadwali lassi in Jaipur

Overall, in a day we got to see this much and was satisfied. Of course, a day is less if you want to explore in detail about each fort or places in Jaipur, but if you are short in time like us- One day will also do.

Remember, Jaipur is one of the best places one should visit and explore the beautiful heritages, architecture and know our history. So even if you are getting a day or two- plan and visit this. Do not forget to keep your sunglasses, wear it and shine with the city.

Hope you find this blog useful. Do share your feedback.

Happy Travel!