So summers are here everyone is running to Mountains seems I also have the same craving.

The plan is to go for paragliding in this month dates are not yet decided but completed the research.

Plan is to enjoy the nature, Cuddle the Traveler bug inside with some Trekking, Hiking, Camping, and Paragliding. Though it’s only 15-20 Mins fly but you really need to Trek, Camp and then on the last day you enjoy Paragliding.

Chgs of Paragliding Depends from Carrier to carrier the cost varies from 2500 – 3500

Paragliding in Bir-Billing:

Paragliding is special recreational adventure activity of flying Paraglider in air. Paragliding is very adventurous activity which requires special skill to experience safe. It can be done solo as well as with the trainer depending upon the skill level. Bir is considered as one the best and safest destination for paragliding .

As mentioned in Solo paragliding one person can fry alone in Paraglider but needs few days special practice and training to Fly Solo.

Normally people prefer in going with a skilled Pilot, in which two people can fly in a Single paraglider.This is an adventure activity where the other person flying with the Pilot doesn’t have to do much except enjoying the view of the valleys.

Both the people would be connected with the same harness with each other and with the Paraglider. Normal paragliding flight is for 20 to 30 mins which include take off from Billing at the altitude of 8000 feet from sea level and landing at Bir which is 4500 feet from sea level. If there are good thermals, one can see the close view of the snow-covered Dhauladhar mountain range of Himalaya’s and the beautiful Kangra valley on the other side. Bir Billing is regarded as one of the best adventure sports destination by Indian as well as foreign enthusiasts and their reviews about the same often publish in top magazines.

The fears and Worries:

Before you head for Paragliding you really need to make up your mind that you are going to fly in the mountains. I have heard people feels fascinating towards these phenomena of Paragliding but they fear as well. What if they fall?

There is nothing to Laugh about it, This is the real Worry with most of the people if they fly for the first time here in Billing. Most of the pilots are experienced, Trained and renowned ones. Billing is quite safe for paragliding. When two persons fly all the controls and directions are in the pilot’s hand. Being from the same place and having many years of Experience, He would have knowledge of Speed, Weather, Altitude etc .

Bir-Billing is among top ten paragliding destinations in the World. Geographical and Climatic conditions here are favorable and best suited for parasailing and Paragliding. During paragliding flight most typical moment is take off, when you leave earth contact and start flying in sky. Bir-Billing known for it’s easy and safe takeoff. Most of the time– Paraglider lifts you, once it spread in air without running. Some need to run for a while, in takeoff ground. But want to ensure about your safe, adventurous and memorable experience of Paragliding in our home at Bir-Billing, Himachal Pradesh.

How to drive or reach to Bir-Billing?

The easiest Route to Bir is from Dharmashala, Its 70km away from Dharmashala.

So the route will be Dharmashala- palmpur- Bir Village – Billing

You can opt for many other routes from Chandigarh, Delhi, Manali, Pathankot.

There Buses on regular Interval as well as trains. The Nearest Bus stand is Bajinath which has Volvo buses from Delhi ISBT. You can check the timings of the buses on Himachal Tourism.

What to do here in Bir-Billing other than Paragliding:

This place is not only for Paragliding, you can explore the nearby Villages. As Bir and Billing are two different places. You can enjoy Trekking, Camping , Visit the Monastey in Bhattu Village , Mukutnath Temple, Hot water Springs and Barot Velly .

Where to Stay during your visit to Bir and Billing?

You can opt for camp side in Bir Village. It’s near the Forest area away from the city life. Contacting the nearby camp organizer is advisable.

While staying the Camp don’t trough any kind of bottles or Plastic in the village area, Take responsibility of the environment and treat carefully.