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1. Synopsis: What's this travel story about?

2. Introduction: Why is the article relevant?

3. Travel Itinerary

4. Further Reading

5. Conclusion

What's this travel story about?

I address the Indian readers and invite colonial medium classes by making available to the masses appealing information. Pay a visit to the ceremonial counties of England!

Worksharing community @WorkHubs from Euston, one of London’s financial clusters, launches a public appeal to change the attitudes towards patriotism, tourism and recycling:

‘Well-travelled local writer and video-maker has carefully selected the tripoint of Kent, Surrey and Greater London for convenient geolocation, photogenic scenery, open industrial facilities and literary heritage.’


People who’d saved for years to make the pilgrimage (Mitchel, 1969: 32) Mitchell, D (1969). Thumb Tripping. Boston: Bantam Books. (£3 novel bought on a barge in Regent Canal.

Is this article relevant? Ola Cabs offers an option to escape Mumbai City with a long ride. A similar option has got be available in London for relatively humane prices. Public transport is obviously an alternative, but a guide and chauffeur can be a great, unique service for people whose roots in the city are not very well established, but who desire an adventure with a group. The essay is written during group sessions at Derp Work

Why on Indian website? I want to exhibit diasporic work on a folklore related blog. South Asian Literature is inclusive:

it is open to authors of any ethnicity as long as the writing is about South Asia and it’s people’ according to the LSE South Asian Centre

Indians are very adventurous and forward thinking. The medium income class find domestic travel adventures, but they can’t afford to go abroad. Classes with higher income require the best possible service to use the given to them time-resources effectively. I know places like New Delhi’s Kailash Colony. People have the ability to save money and go abroad to travel. Raavi’s is round the corner, no need to go all the way to Kailash colony.

How far did we go?

Travel Itinerary:

a) 8 hours of driving in the A/C mini-van with Wi-Fi. During the ride the tourists have an opportunity to buy film and photographic supplies.

b) 7 hours of programmed cultural events.

on Trip Gully:

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trippy essay continues:

Location 1: Shoreditch (8-9)

Breakfast. The van leaves Ace Hotel Shoreditch and we reach the sea side within 2 hours.

Location 2: Kent (11-11:30)

The party stops by in a garden to buy locally grown strawberries and cherries.

Main part:

Location 3: Canterbury (12-14) (optional)

And as for non-cyclers, who as yet know nothing of time and roads, we would rather show them how pleasant it is to go on pilgrimage than weary them with cycling facts. Pennell, J; Pennel, E. R. (1885). A Canterbury Pilgrimage. Canterbury: Seeley and Company.

Glimpse of the iconic Canterbury Cathedral. Opportunity to purchase souvenirs or cycle for 15-30 minutes to see the lovely local village. (idea I got from the Pilgrimage to Canterbury, which was essentially a mechanical engineering exploration of the cycle technology). A unique artefact of typographic skills by local masters Pennel and Pennel was purchased in Skoob Books, a second hand book store that published books in the 70s. The short novel with illustrations revisits Geoffrey Chaucer's original text 'The Canterbury Tales' published in 1476.

<<insert a gorgeous B&W excerpt from a book retelling Canterburry Tales from a cyclist perspective>>

book excerpt

Location 4: Whitstable (14:00 - 16:00) (required)

Locally sourced sustainable Seafood (oysters, crabs, scampi, etc). Beach. 

Escape London lists Whitstable as one of the destinations  (Zappaterra, 2016, 68). Zappaterra, Y (2016). Escape London: Days out Within Reach of London. China: Frances Lincoln.

Moon, Earth, Sun
Timeless Village Feel
Oyster bar

Location 6: Dover

empty Babylonian towers of spectacular hubris overshadowing rough sleepers, who must remain invisible under foot, or find themselves banished to hobo camps under motorway spurs, treated to one-way-tickets to dying seaside resorts (Sinclair in Jack London, 2015: 13)

White Cliffs hike and panoramic view by the Lighthouse.

Location 7: Shoreditch

The group is back at the Ace Hotel, and enjoys a booked table in a bar. I will have an opportunity to put the photos from the day into a collective basket and enjoy a beer, whisky and/or club sandwich.


East End

Further reading:

Let’s work out a breakeven price. (way to make tourists spend their money the right way and get a feel for local culture)

A tourist can pay £50 for a day trip to the sea.

Three trips per summer, min 5 tourists in a group = 5*50*3=750 - a frequent shuttle van? let it be.

I woke up early in the morning, got on my bike and cycled to the nearest Zipcar. I booked a couple of days in advance and most of the cars were taken, however the remaining car was within my budget and I got there in 30 minutes or less. I drove back to the Residence Tower to collect my gf and things needed for a trip to the sea. Sun cream, inflatable pink sofa, blanket, ball, lunchbox, mini-jack mini-jack cable, USB car charger, photo and video cameras. Kent is has many garden centres and is famous for strawberries and cherries. Don’t buy the cherries in the super-market (£3 - grown in Spain), buy them off the highway.

Subversive Propaganda

Getting out of the city takes almost as much time as getting from London’s far post (Greenwhich) to the seashore covered in oysters’ shells. Whitstable is known for it’s variety of IPA that comes in different varieties. My favourite brand is probably Meanwhile, it reminds of Chocolate Stout and is very different from cider. IPA’s name originated because the first brewery was located near East Indian Docks and the alcoholic beverage was popular among the East India Company Traders.

After dipping into the cold sea and having a wonderful lunch we drove further to the White Cliffs, a legendary location with dots to defend the British Isles from the historic rival - France. Big cruise and shipping ships depart from the Dover port and can be seen from a distance. I made several trips to the English seaside, with member’s of my family, with mai friend or couple travel.


I covered earlier stages of my development ‘From pilgrim to student’ or a ‘Studentship derived from pilgrimage’. A trip that reinvigorated the love to studying and created a constructive turn in my photography practice, when I not only spent money on photographs, but made money from social media, photos and video…

The idea for this article is to transcend the student/pilgrim identity and write subversive propaganda as a public broadcaster employed by Manor House Development Trust (got it’s money from a European Lottery Fund).

Appealing in such subtle way to Indians, I can attract locals. Ace Hotel attract local community members for artisanal produce and hipster events. With the right people on board, I think a tour is going to be a very success. Many people have the capacity to help conducting the trip. It requires only a guide, a driver and an organiser, who can also go on the trip (e.g. Madcap Oddyssey).


Travel Partner in Himalayas