Vadodara also known as the ‘Sanskari Nagari’ is the sister city of Ahmedabad and one can see Industrial development at an all-time high in the town. Wide roads and an exponential growth of Real Estate in the outskirts are a sign of the rapid rate of development. Big companies like ONGC and L&T also have huge setups in the town.

But what is not commonly known is that the people of Vadodara are hardcore food lovers. The streets are full of vendors selling all kinds of street foods and it’s a delight to indulge in the delicacies.

Here are some of my observations for fellow Wravelers on the thriving food scene in Vadodara.

1. Chicken is not as popular in Vadodara as is Egg

Egg delicacy in Vadodara

Egg delicacy in Vadodara

One can find unique preparations of Egg which one just can’t find in other cities. Right from an Omlet to fancy dishes like Boiled Egg Keema, Masala Keema Omlets, one is sure to have an Egg-asm trying the different and tasty dishes. Raju Omlet is one of the oldest and popular such joints and is crowded every evening. Any visit to Vadodara is incomplete without trying some of the Egg Delicacies unique to Vadodara.

2. Vada Pav is synonymous to Mumbai, Sev Usal is synonymous to Vadodara

Just like Vada Pav is synonymous to Mumbai, Sev Usal is synonymous to Vadodara.Staying in Pune for over 6 years, I had a fair share of Missal Pav from the best places and thought that Sev Usal is same as Missal Pav.

Sev Usal

Sev Usal | Photo:

How Wrong I was!

Sev Usal is tangier and so much different from Missal Pav. Missal Pav has got sprouts and some veggies whereas Sev Usal is just gravy with sum chickpeas and thick sev, there is also tadi to make it spicier.

The most popular place to have authentic Sev Usal in Vadodara is Mahakali Sev Usal. One can even try Sev Usal from one of the several road side stalls spread all around the city during the lunch time.

3. Vegetarian restaurants in Vadodara

Gujarat being a Vegetarian state in majority, the number of Vegetarian restaurants in the city are overwhelming. Couple that with the love of food which the Barodians have and you will get Top Notch Restaurants offering Unlimited Veg Lunch Buffets for as less as INR 200 per person. Mind you, the taste and the quality is not at all downgraded. Every area in Vadodara has at least 2-3 restaurants offering such kind of deals.

Veg Lunch Buffets

Veg Lunch Buffets | Photo:

An Unlimited Veg Buffet in Saffron costs around INR 199 + taxes and also has some Tandoori Grilled Starters apart from Dal, Sabzi, Roti and Chawal.

4. Famous Gujarati Thali

Another thing which is quite famous is the Gujarati Thali. Unlike the Rajasthani Thali and the Maharashtrian Thali, Gujarati Thali is a bit on the sweeter side but definitely a must have at least once.

Famous Gujarati Thali

Famous Gujarati Thali | Photo:

A Gujarati Veg Thali at Mandap costs around INR 150+ and the place is frequented by locals.

5. Something for Non Vegetarian

Being a foodie city, one cannot ignore the Non Vegetarian Buffet at Barbeque Nation. This place is literally a haven for Non Veg lovers in the Sanskari City. The variety of starters and Main course is simply amazing. Something unique to this branch of Barbeque Nation is the live Kulfi Counter offering all kinds of flavours of kulfi like Strawberry, Pista, Kesar to name a few; with accompaniments like fruit syrups, chocolate vermicili etc.

Non veg in Vadodara

Non veg in Vadodara | Photo:

Priced at anywhere around INR 550 this buffet is a steal on a Sunday.