The most needed break for bankers after the Financial Year End!!! March End!!!

Here I ticked my one of the things to do list: Trip to Kullu Manali to the Valley of Apple’s State and the mesmerizing snow cabbed Mountains.

As you travel through the road via bus to reach Manali, the mighty river Beas adds to its beauty at its best throughout the journey. As the saying goes on if you lost your way in dense wood just follow the river you will find your way.

Day 1

Sollang Valley Manali:

We hired cab for the trip and was lucky enough to get the ride at cost effective rate (Rs 1000/-). Since we reached on the same day at early morning 8am at Holiday Inn Chicooga which is situated at 2km from Manali Private Bus Stand, we started our journey to Solang at around 10am.

Play with the snow at Solang Valley:

After an hour ride we reached the destination and the chilling wind and the panaromic view of solang with snow cabbed Mountains welcomed us. Cab dropped us at the valley and said-“Madam cab till here then you will have to walk up high to the mountains to enjoy the snow. I will wait here.”

So we walked taking rest in between the shades as we had whole day to enjoy the valley and decided not to overload us on the very 1st day itself so that we can enjoy every small things at the valley.

After an hour walk we reached the snow point and was embraced with the chilling and freezing cold. Thanks to the snow suit and the boot which kept us warm and cozy.

The snow point was crowded with tourists and were engaged with all the activities which the valley has to offer like skiing, snow scooter, cable car, paragliding and many other. So if you are an adventurous person this is the perfect place for you.

Time to be religious at Snow Point: Lord Shiva Temple

Before you do the activities do take the blessing of Lord Shiva. The temple was small but it has immense energy to en-light and empower you. “Om Nama Shivay”

We called it at day at Solang by 4pm and headed to the inn.

Day 2. Kullu:

Started early 8am as we recharged and energized ourself with a sound and early sleep for the 2nd day tour.

We hired the same cab as the service was good and value for money Rs 800/- for Kullu tour. We chucked out kullu nagar as I believe in not to be greedy with every spots they offer. The charge was Rs 1500/- if we would have included Kullu Nagar. As you become an avid traveller this becomes your natural talent what to or not to do.

1) Time to soar high in the air: Paragliding at Kullu

After an hour ride downwards along the beas river crossing the apple orchards where the flowers have blossomed making the whole valley appear pink with its color, we reached at Tobhi Paragliding Point.

This is the place where one can soar at heights leaving all his busy schedule and monotonic life behind and break free like a bird.

Apple Tree

2) Enjoy the chilling and freezing river Baes: River Rafting at Babelly

The river beas seems more beautiful and joyous at kullu as you could see many tourist enjoying the river rafting activities with its flow. It is at its best and cost effective when you are in a group or with friends to the max of six persons as you have to hire the whole boat for around Rs 6.5k wef April 2017 rate.

Beas River

3) Spirituality makes your believe and faith stronger: Vaisnavi Temple at Kullu

This temple is the place where Goddess Parvati did meditation for the blessings of Humanity. Must visit temple well maintained and the view from the top of the temple is mesmerizing.

Imaginary Day 3.

Local site seeing Manali:

I called it imaginary day 3 as this has to be on 3rd day but I covered it on Day 2 itself since it was a family trip with aging parents I just showed them the spots and chucked out the activities and hence saved time. Hired the same cab Rs 600/- for the third day.

1) Time to relax: Club House Manali

This is the place where a family with kids can have fun. It offers several activities like boating, bungee jumping, zorbing, river crossing. Can go foodie and shopaholic too as it has restaurants for food to serve and stalls to shop for your loved ones.

Bungee Jumping


2) Vashist Temple—Hanuman Temple—Mannu Temple —Hidimba Temple—Gompa Buddhist Monestery

Manali truly is a holy and spiritual destination with all the temples mentioned above.

Images of the Temples as below:

Vashist Temple

Hanuman Temple

Hidimba Temple

Hidimba Temple Pillars

Gompa Buddhist Monastery
Gompa Buddhist Monastery
Gompa Buddhist Monastery
Gompa Buddhist Monastery
Gompa Buddhist Monastery

3) Mall Road:

If you love shopping Mall Road is the right place for you at the cheap rate with varieties of items ranging from handicrafts, gifts, himachali shawls, woolen clothes and many other.

Do shop for your nearest and dearest ones, family, friends and relatives as a token of your Kullu Manali Trip remembrance.

Happy Blogging!!! Happy Exploring!!! Happy Kullu Manali!!!