Not a long weekend, it was a weekly holiday for me. This time our point of disembarkation was Sinhagad, Pune, considering time constraint. Me and my pet - sputnik had a trek last month which we were planning from few years. This trek was special for me as it was our last trek together. 

Home to Sinhagad

We started with bag packing random stuff, didn't plan it at all as we want to make it full of adventure. Open the google map, searched Sinhagad on it, and step out of the home while singing 'Google will guide you home'. Took first stop at the petrol pump to fill petrol in my Activa. Sinhagad is 50 km from home, 100km up-down. Sputnik was habitual of the front seat ride but was out after a long time. After riding straight 15 km, we took a small break at the Chai Tapri outside the city. You know, these Tapris are best for the chai. Now, we had to move remaining 35 km without a break. I plugged in earphones and played some meditation music on it. Zen, it was. I was a monk for a day. :p Didn't come to know how we covered another 30km . Now, Sputnik started mourning, i wonder why? For pee. ;) This how we reached at the base of sinhagad at 9 am. Started treking from there, we made a lot of memories. Clicked a lot of picture together and some alone as well. Some of them I have shared. There we have captured on of the best pictures of us together. This one is special as it was our last picture together. I don't want to post it here. 

Sinhagad to Home

Return journey started late in the evening at 7 pm. I was in little hurry and both of us was tired but happy. Return journey was also as excited as the first inning. In the whole journey I found that sputnik has aged too old and wasn't as energietic as he used to be earlier. 

A week after we've reached home, Sputnik died of old age. I took a whole month to get over the news, and still recovering. Sputnik made my first and last trek with him so special by creating some really adorable and memorable moments. This article is written in memories of Sputnik.

Travel makes one modest, you see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.