Knock knock Mumbai… MONSOON IS HERE. You have two choices either suck in waterlogged roads and traffic jam or take advantage of monsoon and go on a beautiful monsoon trek near Mumbai.

Trekking places near Mumbai are amazing. You can enjoy lush green hills, beautiful forts covered in mist, waterfalls filled with water.

So what are you waiting for, here is the list of best trekking spots near Mumbai monsoon. Just choose one and make the most out of Mumbai monsoon.

  1. Lohagad Trek

  2. Irshalgad Pinnacle Trek

  3. Dhak Bahiri Trek

  4. Visapur Fort Trek

  5. Mahuli Fort Trek

  6. Harihar Fort Trek

1. Lohagad trek

Lohagad is a pleasant one day trek from Mumbai, it is placed near to the hill station of Lonavala. This is a very nice place to see, especially in the season of monsoon.

Lohagad trek leads you to Lohagad fort which translates to Iron fort in Marathi. In Monsoon the Lohagad fort gets covered in green moss which makes the whole trek more beautiful. This green moss also makes the fort stairs slippery so be careful if you are coming here in monsoon.

Trek Location: Lonavala

Lohagad trek distance from Mumbai: Approx. 98 KMs

Difficulty level: High to Moderate

Best time to visit: June | July | August | November | December

Trek duration: Around 2h 45m

Other things to do at Lohagad: Lohagad Fort | View of Pavana Dam

Lohagad highest point: 3,389 feet from sea level

How to reach Lohagad fort from Mumbai: Take Indrayani Express to Lonavala

2. Irshalgad Pinnacle Trek

Irshalgad Pinnacle fort located in a hill between Matheran and Panvel. It is much closer to Navi Mumbai and one of the closest trekking places near Mumbai.

The trek begins from Irshawadi village. And Irshawadi village is the place from which you can arrange stay and food.

Trek to Irshalgad fort is mostly covered in clouds in monsoon season. And sometimes it is really hard to see what is in front of you, which makes the trek more difficult for first-timers in misty weather. Once you reach the Pinnacle base, you can enjoy the scenic view of Prabalgad fort hill ranges on one side and on the other side you see Matheran hill range and Morbe dam reservoir.

Trek Location: Between Matheran and Panvel

Irshalgad trek distance from Mumbai: Approx. 80 KMs

Difficulty level: High to Moderate

Best time to visit: June | July | August | November | December

Trek duration: Around 2h

Trek Distance: 3.4 km

Other things to do at Irshalgad: Irshalgad Fort | View of Matheran hill range | Prabalgad hill range | Morbe dam reservoir

Irshalgad highest point: 3,700 feet from sea level

3. Dhak Bahiri Trek

Dhak Bahiri trek attracts rock climbers as well as adventure seekers alike. This trek is one of the most challenging treks for Mumbaikars on this list and particularly in the season of monsoon.

Dhak Bahiri trek is considered this difficult and dangerous that ropes and chains are provided on the trek trails so that you can make it to the end. At some part of the trek, you need to face 70-degree vertical ascent. And remember this is monsoon season so make sure to wear good trekking shoes for better grip.

This trek can be done with a different route and some of the most popular ones are Jambhavali – Kondeshwar route, Sandashi village route and Rajmachi route.

Trek Location: Jambhavali

Dhak Bahiri trek distance from Mumbai: Approx. 20 KMs

Difficulty level: High to Moderate

Best time to visit: June | July | August | November | December | January | February

Trek duration: Around 3h 00m

Other things to do at Dhak Bahiri: Dhak Bahiri cave | View of Ramachi, Duke’s Nose, Manikgad, Karnala, Bhimshankar, Visapur

Dhak Bahiri highest point: 2,700 feet from sea level

4. Visapur Fort Trek

Visapur Fort trek is the trek which refreshes your mind and body with its beautiful trail. Don’t miss this trek in the season of monsoon because all the waterfalls are in their full flow and the whole area around Visapur Fort becomes lush green.

Trek starts from Bhaje village and after 4km of trekking, you can decide if you want to take the trail to Visapur Fort or Lohagad Fort. Most of the trek is quite easy, even in the monsoon season and a good trekking option of beginners near Mumbai city.

Trek Location: Malavli

Visapur Fort trek distance from Mumbai: Approx. 100 KMs

Difficulty level: Easy to Moderate

Best time to visit: June | July | August | November | December | January | February

Trek duration: Around 2h 30m

Other things to do at Visapur: Visapur Fort | View of Tikona Fort, Tung Fort, Lohagad Fort, Pawana Lake | Iron gun of Queen Elizabeth |

Visapur highest point: 3,556 feet from sea level

5. Mahuli Fort Trek

Mahuli Fort trek is in Thane district and considered Everest of Thane district because of its height. The closest railway station is Asangaon and you can take Asangaon or Kasara Local from Mumbai CST or Kalyan or Thane Junction to reach this station.

The base for Mahuli Fort trek is Mahuli village which is about 6-7 km from Asangaon railway station. Mahuli Fort trek is a well-maintained trail with marking throughout the trail on stones. First one-third of the trek is quite easy and after that, it becomes a little moderate.

While you are going through this beautiful trail you will witness bridges, water streams and waterfall, especially in monsoon season. And while on the Mahuli Fort trail make sure you keep your eyes open for the wildlife around you. This trek is also a heaven for rock climbers near Mumbai, because of the number of tall pinnacles you find here.

Here is a video to give you the feel of how Mahuli Fort trek feels like in the season of monsoon.

Trek Location: Thane

Mahuli Fort trek distance from Mumbai: 92 km

Difficulty level: Easy to Moderate

Best time to take Mahuli Fort trek: Monsoon and after the monsoon season

Mahuli Fort Trek duration: 3 - 3.5 Hrs

Mahuli Fort Trek highest point: 2815 feet from sea level

Nearest railway station: Asangaon

6. Harihar Fort Trek

Harihar Fort Trek is famous for its 60m carved stone steps which go to the top. And these narrow steps makes Harihar Fort trek a thrilling hiking experience especially when you are descending from the fort.

Throughout the Harihar For trek nature will see mesmerize you with its beauty. Once you reach the top of Harihar Fort, you can enjoy the view of Brahmagiri and Vaitarna reservoir.

Harihar Fork Trek is visited by trekkers from Mumbai as well as Nasik as it is really close to Nasik. In the rainy season, some part of the trek becomes slippery so you need to make sure to wear shoes with good grip.

Harihar Fort Trek Location: Igatpuri

Harihar Fort distance from Mumbai: Approx. 121 KMs

Difficulty level: Moderate

Best time to visit: June | July | August

Trek duration: Around 3-4 hrs

Other things to do at Harihar: Harihar gad Fort | Stone cut stairs | Shiva and Hanuman temple

Harihar highest point: 3,500 feet from sea level