Sometimes mountains call you. When they do why you even think about anything, Just Go and find the peace lies there. That thought of going there increase your speed of bag packing and this time the travel destination was McLeod Ganj and Dharamshala.

So one fine day me and my friend planned to go for Triund Trek from Delhi by covering Mcleod Ganj and Dharamshala as well. We start the journey in full of excitement from Delhi and made this excitement till the end of the trip.

Our journey started - Delhi to Dharamshala

Amazing view of Dharamshala

Our journey started from Delhi to Dharamshala. It’s a 12 hours journey but each moment of the journey felt smooth. I love traveling in hilly roads because of various thoughts/memories coming to my mind. It’s just like playing a puzzle within your mind. We reached Dharamshala Bus Station in the morning. (Paharo ki vo hawa vo khusboo sab taja kar deti hai aapko). There was no direct bus for McLeod Ganj at that time, so we took the local taxi to our hotel in Naddi, McLeod Ganj. It’s an 8.7 km stretch from Dharamshala.

Walk around Naddi Village in McLeod Ganj

Naddi Village

Naddi is a must visit place while in McLeod Ganj. The village Naddi is situated at a height of 7,152 feet above sea level (2180 m) and offers a magnificent view of Dhauladhar mountain range to the north and the vast expanse of the lush green Kangra valley of the south.

In the evening we took a walk in the village, it’s just felt better and refreshed with the orange sun guiding us towards the amazing view. It was just giving us the energy, peace and happiness we craved for a long time.

Sunset view from Naddi

Sunset view from Naddi village

Even in this area, there was a rush of people and all of them were heading towards the sunset view. There is a “Sunset view Restaurant” as well. When we saw the sunset and we just lost in that and thought... “Hum kal milenge ek nayi soch or energy k sath”.

Meditation at Sahaja Yoga Ashram

McLeod Ganj is the hub of meditation in India and near the hotel, there is another place “Sahaja Yoga Ashram”. This Ashram situated beautifully in the arms of nature. There was peace like no other place in Himachal. This meditation center feeds your soul and relaxes your body. And thoughts come to your mind are like “Chal beta yahi ghar basa k hmesha k lie rah lete hai”. We stayed in Naddi for few days and we daily visited this center and practiced meditation.

Small Trek to Gunna Mata Temple

In the morning we were ready for a small trek from our hotel. We came across a small natural water pool where people were enjoying in the water and we also enjoyed tea and Maggi from nearby shops.

A dip in the natural pool
Small Trek to Gunna Mata Temple

We saw old ladies, children, and middle age men trekking. A shopkeeper told us about “Gunna Mata Temple” which is 2 km from the hotel.

The breathtaking landscape of this temple is truly mesmerizing. It’s located at the top of the hill where you can sit and relax. It’s a small temple. The devotion of people was exceptional, no matter what age they are they just wanted to go to the top of the hills.

When we reached there was too much rush of people (Bhakts). There was some kind of Bhandara. When we saw the making of food (vo khane mai paharo ki khushboo) our mouth is watering. Because of the rain, we were not able to taste the bhandara but we tasted the prasad (Puri aloo with bhang ka masala), it was awesome.

Visit to Dharamshala Stadium

Visit to Dharamshala Stadium

Next day it was raining since early morning. Once the rain stopped we were ready for Dharamsala. Booked a taxi for Dharamshala. The first place to visit was Dharamshala Stadium. The stadium is beautifully located in the city of Dharamshala. It just feels like you are a cricketer. Once we entered the stadium we could hear the buzz of INDIAAAA INDIA in our ears.

Feel of patriotism at Dharamshala War Memorial

Dharamshala War Memorial

Then we went to Dharamsala War Memorial. It’s a good tourist spot to go in Dharamshala. This place fills you with patriotism.

Refreshed at Palampur Tea Garden

Palampur Tea Garden

After the war memorial we moving to Palampur Tea Garden. It’s spread over acres of land. When you enter Palampur you can see widespread greenery. It feels great to see the work of the workers who pluck leaves in the tea garden. Just a 2 min walk in the tea garden makes you feel near to nature. When we saw the tea garden first song coming to my mind was “Kasto Majja Hai Lelaima, Ramailo O Kalee Odhalee”. This garden makes you filmy like me.

Finding peace at Dalai Lama Monastery

Dalai Lama Monastery

From the Palampur Tear Garden, we moved to McLeod Ganj market and ate momos. Next stop was Dalai Lama Monastery. It’s a personal monastery of the 14th Dalai Lama and hub of spirituality in McLeod Ganj. It was nice to learn Buddhist religion and how they live their life.

Finally, Triund Trek started from McLeod Ganj

Way to Triund hills

It was a new day and finally, we started to prepare for the Triund Trek. We are so excited to begin the trip. We started to prepare our bag packs for the trek. One thing to always remember to take on a trek is food. Triund trek is an easy trek, it’s a 9 km trek from Naddi and base camp is 4 km from Naddi.

View from midway

Triund trek gives you amazing view of the valley and curiosity to reach the final destination keeps you motivated. Triund is the crown jewel of Dharamshala. It’s lush green and gives the view of snow-capped mountains. It's nice to see other groups of the trekkers with you.

Triund Trek View
The pose

Reached the Triund top

Triund Hill Top

When we finally reached Triund hills we had no words on our lips, it was just wowwwww. When we saw the green field we started running here and there with excitement.

View from Triund Hills
Camping at Triund Hill

It was my experience of staying in the tent. It’s amazing when the sun goes down at Triund hills. It also looks wonderful under the moonlight. Everyone was chit chatting in the tent with the bonfire. Hours went passed and mind was born with the new thought “Ye raat kabhi na jaye”.

Reaching the Triund Snowline and Beyond...

Going for Triund showline

Next day it as a wonderful morning with the cozy weather. We were ready to go to the snowline. It’s another trek from Triund to the snowline.

Our guide for Triund glacier
Following the guide

While we were going toward the snowline we meet one old man who walks daily around 5 to 6 kms. It was nice talking to him. He told us about the glacier. It was around 1.5 kms from the snowline but we decided to go for it.

At Triund hills glacier

This was the first time we saw the glacier and touched it also. It's wonderful and beautiful place. It feels peaceful as not many people come to this place. We were standing at the top of the hills with green grass, big glacier spread around.

After this, we came back to the Triund camp as soon as possible to pick up our backpack and started the trek back to Naddi and then to McLeod Ganj to take our bus back to Delhi. It was a wonderful end of our trip and beginning of another plan for next trip.

B’coz end of the trip is not actually the end but it's just the beginning of the new adventure.


Nicely written blog. Thanks for all the details.