I learned about Prashar Lake in 2013, I couldn’t trek to the place then because I had no idea about it. For two years, I almost did the trek but failed to reach to the top heavy snowfall. The locals advised me not to do the trek.

I wanted to see Prashar Lake covered in snow. I could have done the Prashar Lake trek for a multiple times if it was not for this decision.

On the last Friday of February I took a bus and got down a Mandi at 4:00 AM. Another bus followed to Bagi with a trekking group who I met online and decided to go on the trek with them.

We took a bus till Bagi from where our trek was supposed to start. Our guide told us that he has an apple farm near Prashar Lake, it is like a daily routine for him to climb that peak and return.

We started walking, crossed a river stream, soon we are climbing up towards the Prashar Lake. Our guide pointed at a peak and tells us that we have to go up there. I cannot believe that I am finally going to reach the place of which I am dreaming about.

Sad part was that there was no snow. Global Warming has effected the weather conditions and ecology has been destroyed.

After climbing, tumbling twice and hurting my ankle, I saw a few shepherd huts. The climb to Prashar Lake got steeper and longer as if the place doesn’t want us there.

After a climb of 5 hours, we reached Prashar Lake, had some piping hot maggi followed by Daal Chawal. We enjoyed the gorgeous views from the top of the mountain. It was an amazing experience.