This trip was planned by 5 friends for two days on their motorcycles to get a little break from their hustle-bustle office life. But just the day before the trip due to some consequences duration reduced to one day and the number of people reduced to 2 from 5.

We both decided the leaving time from Delhi will be 4 am so that we can reach JIM CORBETT by 9 or 9.30 am. We left our places at sharp 4 am and ready to hit the highway towards our final destination JIM CORBETT. We were aiming to cover the distance of approx 250 km in 4 to 4.5 hours and decided to take minimum halts for minimum time.


After covering the distance of around 100 km we stopped for our first hault (hotel skylark) for a single cup of tea just before the brijghat. We took 1hr 15 min to cover the distance of 100 km with an average speed of 75 to 80 km/hr. After 10 min tea break, we started our journey and decided to take one more stop for breakfast. The distance of around 80 km covered, somewhere between the muradabad and ramnagar we stopped for breakfast and this was the major and last hault. We had paranthas, dahi, tea and rest for 45 mins. 

We continued our journey towards our destination and decided that now we will stop directly in the JIM CORBETT, Now the riding became tough because the highway with double road ended and a single road started with a lot of potholes due to which we are not enabled to maintain our speed but we are pleased with views , trees are covering the road from both side it seemed like we are crossing through the cave of trees. The level of excitement is continuously increasing as we are moving towards the curvy roads, beautiful views, small tiny mountains. 

Till now we had covered the distance of 230 km from Delhi and our machines (motorcycles) are performing well. As we entered in the area of JIM CORBETT tiger reserve the views are getting more beautiful and the sound of flowing water was clearly audible and the aura of the place makes us to forget our tiredness.

We took a break near a small river and we got to know about the place name Marchula through local people, it was around 20 km from the place where we stop. We headed towards to Marchula, roads were in very bad condition but we managed well and after riding around 35 min we reached Marchula. 

There is a suspension bridge and a river. The place is quite peaceful because it was not crowded as other places were. We stayed there for almost 2 hours and then we left from there to Delhi because the ride was planned for one day only. 

While returning we had our lunch at the resort and we started from resort around 4.00pm and we reached Delhi around 8.45pm. This ride was around 600 km round trip, our bikes performed very well and we also.


good going