Over thousands of people travel to Dubai every year. The travel can be related to business purpose or as a tourist; you need to follow some of the important rules while you are in the city. Being a Muslim city, the rules and laws are strict and there is no tolerance for breaking them. Hence, make sure you follow these rules and respect their religion and tradition.

Rules to Follow in Dubai


Possession and consumption of drugs is illegal and the punishment is severe. The penalties for smugglings, trafficking, and carrying even a residual amount of drugs is severe. Make sure you are aware of it and do not carry any form of drug to Dubai.


Carrying and drinking of alcohol in public places are completely banned in Dubai. Non-Muslim residents can avail liquor to drink at home or in licensed venues. Drinking alcohol and roaming on the  streets is not allowed in Dubai and can lead to severe punishment if caught. Drinks are served in licensed clubs and hotels where you can go and enjoy.

Illegal items

Body protection items, weapons, ammunition carried for whatever purpose is completely banned in UAE. All need permission before entering Dubai and can lead to severe punishment if caught without permission.

Dress Code

Women should dress wisely while they are in public. Cover the top of the arms and legs while you are entering the Mosque as well as in some conservative areas. Swim wear should only be worn on beaches and not outside it.

Offensive behavior

Making rude gestures and swearing are known as one of the obscene acts that lead to severe punishments where you can be deported or jailed. Screaming and shouting in public areas is not allowed and can lead to severe penalties.

Once your Dubai visa is finalized and you are ready to head to Dubai, it is advisable to study all these rules before you land in the city.