Tourism is a major industry in Thailand. According to an estimate, receipts from tourism contributed between 9-17 percent to the country’s GDP in 2016. Bangkok, the country’s capital is the most visited city in the world. During the past few years, Thailand has also emerged as an important commercial hub attracting business travelers from around the globe. Whether you are a leisure travel or have business on your mind, when planning a trip to Thailand consider buying a Thailand tour package from Mumbai or any other city of India, as the operator will take care of everything from tickets to lodging. To savor the vacation memories, consider collecting souvenirs during your trip. So what’s on offer? The post lists some memorabilia you must pick up that will remind you of the country’s distinct culture and heritage. Take a look.

1. Sauces and Spices

Thailand is known for its delectable cuisine, thanks to the distinct spices and sauces Thai people use in their cuisine. To relish the taste of Thai dishes after returning to home, consider loading a bag with unique sauces and spices such as hot yellow bean sauce, chilli fish sauce, hot shallot sauce, dried or fresh coriander, galangal and Thai chilli powder.

2. Thai Silk

Thai silk is known for its superior quality the world over, which is why colorful scarfs and bags made of the fabric are a must-buy for many tourists. One of the most renowned places where you can find genuine Thai silk is the Jim Thompson House in Bangkok.

3. Handmade Jewelry

Every year Thailand receives precious gemstones and gold and silver extracted from different parts of the world. In Chiang Mai and Chanthaburi, two of the most important jewelry trading cities in the country, you can find several shops selling rings, bracelets and necklaces. Look for silver jewelry that often feature exquisite patterns, specific to the region.

4. Ceramics and Pottery

Thai people are no stranger to the art of crafting stylish and timeless pottery. The country’s tradition of ceramics dates back to the third millennium BC. Among the different forms of Thai ceramics, Sukhothai Ware is the most famous and is exported to many countries. Some other popular types are: Bencharong porcelain and Sangkhalok stoneware.

5. Spa Products

Traditional Thai massage is known the world over to combine the benefits of acupressure and Indian Ayurvedic principles. Masseuse, apart from using secret techniques passed on for generations, also rely on a number of spa products such as coconut oils, scented candles and indigenous plant oils to help their clients relax. Consider buying these products that you can keep for personal consumption or gift your loved ones. You can also look for herbal compresses, carved soaps and reed diffusers.


When booking a Thailand tour package from Mumbai or any other city, make sure these souvenirs feature in your shopping list. Some other memorabilia to look for when in the Land of Smiles are: wooden furniture and carvings, leatherware, antiques, Thai loincloths and Muay-Thai shorts.