Singapore is blessed with nature, and what’s more important is that they know how to preserve nature and its beauty. Singapore is a vertical city. Development does not breach its boundary and is confined to the city. In fact, even in the city, there are many natural avenues and attractions like Botanical Gardens and Gardens by the Bay. Another gorgeous must-see avenue of Singapore is the Singapore River. Tourists absolutely love taking cruises on the river, as it is quite an experience. If you too are thinking of visiting Singapore, and taking a cruise, here are a few things you can do on a cruise.

The Unique Bumboats

Bumboats are an import from Europe. They were once used in trade and ferrying in the early 1600s. A different version of the bumboats made its way to Singapore, and was quite popular with the traders. Today, they are no more used for trade. However, they have been converted into ferry boats used to take tourists on the Singapore River. They quietly meander on the waterway, so, tourists can take in the sights, enjoy the guide’s commentary, and have a good, comfortable ride. Cruising along in the boats is one of the highlights of the cruise.

Landmarks on the Coast

The main reason why these cruise packages in Singapore are popular is the landmarks that are along the coastline. One of the most stunning sites you’ll see is the Marina Bay Sands Resort. It is easily the most recognised structure in Singapore’s impressive skyline. Another attraction you will come across is the Singapore Flyer. This Giant Ferris Wheel will have you stretching your neck to see the top. The Merlion Park near the Marina Sands Bay can also be seen on the cruise. So, carry your camera to also take pictures like Asian Civilizations Museum, Fullerton Hotel, Boat Quay, and Raffle’s Landing Site.

Choose Between Day or Night

There are day cruises and night cruises. You can choose according to your convenience. In the day cruise, you can clearly the see all the landmarks, and the city has a bustling feel. The landmarks are also open during the day, and clicking photos or shooting videos is quite easy. However, during the night time, you don’t have to face the searing Singapore heat, and most of the landmarks are beautifully lit, making for a wonderful site. The night cruise is more romantic, and the day cruise is perfect for families.

Visit to the Boat Quay

After you are done with your cruise, this is something you should definitely try. Boat Quay is one of the 3 quays in Singapore. Once the sun goes down, Boat Quay comes alive. Here, you can do some shopping in the unique stores. From clothes to souvenirs, you have a huge range of products to choose from. Boat Quay is also famous for food and drinks. This is the best place to get uber, trendy cocktails and satiate your taste buds with continental cuisine. Therefore, Boat Quay is highly recommended as the perfect ending to your river cruise.

Cruise Packages in Singapore are quite sought after, not just by the tourists, but also by locals. The Singapore River is centrally located and flows through the main city area. It empties into the ocean and is the lifeline of the city. Therefore, many wonderful attractions are built on its coats. There are also many gardens that have been planted and developed along the river. These gardens are today world-class attractions. The Singapore River is truly an attraction you must check out. Look up a good Singapore cruise package 2017 to enjoy it.

As we know, Singapore is a nation that is showing the world how to properly mix nature and development. Despite all the developments around the river, the river is quite clean and sustains the water needs of the nation. The world can truly learn from this great nation. And of course, the river is just one of the many wonderful things to see in Singapore. From massive gardens to feats of engineering, you can include them all in your itinerary. So, don’t wait anymore, book your Singapore tour, and make sure the Singapore River Cruise is a part of it.