Three friends Omkar Divakar, Rajat Bhargava and Samarth Mahajan from Mumbai went on an amazing train journey. So that they can interact with the fellow passenger and their lives they decided to travel in unreserved compartments of Indian railways for 17 days.

Train journey through India

Train journey through India

According to conservative estimates, 65% of Indian Railways’ commuters travel unreserved. This translates to 5.5 Billion yearly travelers. This compartment, in fact, represents most of India. People from different social backgrounds, castes, religions but on a similar economic plateau travel using this class. Our curiosity here was to know about these passengers’ lives, and lack of any prior documentation around it, led us to undertake “The Unreserved”.

‘The Unreserved’ film which is going to be launched soon is an inquiry into the lives of passengers who use the Unreserved Compartment, the cheapest way to travel across India on the Indian Railways system. The film portrays the passengers’ aspirations, efforts and opinions through conversations and personal stories.

Traveling 12ooo km in 17 days changing 10 train’s, discovering India through the general compartment, here is the outcome of this epic train journey as short film ‘The Unreserved’.

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