I know, I know it’s been really long since I wrote last. Thanks to the corporate world – I went doing serious stuff i.e., going to office, sitting in front of the laptop, not for watching movies but to work. Gone are the days of my freedom where I invariably used to wake up at 3 am just to paint or doodle something. Then my morning nap would start as soon as I knew my parents were awake :P and would continue until the sun’s straight on my head.

My mom would think I didn’t sleep all night and she would call me asking if I ate anything at all. She would have cooked something tasty that I would eventually forget eating and would go so hungry by 7pm that I would end up eating all 3 meals of the day at once. This was my daily routine until the day I became a part of the corporate world and the golden era of my life ended.

But within a couple of weeks I was sent for my first official trip to Delhi, Jaipur and Mumbai to source fabrics. I was insanely excited about it…why wouldn’t anyone be for a free trip? Though it’s not all about roaming around the city, the sacred scent of each city was so damn different. I would fail to explain the warm welcome that I got everywhere I went.

For people who know me I am a super duper crazy shopaholic.

So selecting or buying anything equals to shopping be it then furniture or plastic or fabric. I felt privileged to go fabric shopping! A young designer, almost a fresher doesn’t always get a chance to do this! This was the most wonderful experience especially when I had to use my gut and intuition with my little or less knowledge. I just chose the things, which looked pretty to me!

It was the streets Gandhinagar Market in Delhi that made me go gaga over gates! Never expected something so unique in a normal market! Gates and gates everywhere, I mean each and every entrance to the buildings was uncommon. None of the metal work patterns repeated even once. Though my feet were swollen and aching due to roaming around in the streets, pretty gates were what kept me going.

As soon as I used to get out of a complex I would eagerly wait for the next turning and a new set of gates. All the tiredness vanished! I went on a snapchat craze during that time. How I wish I had just taken some beautiful pictures instead of snapchatting. Nevertheless, I do have some admirable clicks that I treasure the most. Scroll through for more.