Rohan Thakur, fondly called Ronnie, a Himachali lad blessed with myriad interests and talents has somehow felt a lingering vacuum in his life. Being fairly gifted in most vocations of creative spaces such as filmmaking, photography and music, he has traveled around India and the world to hone his skills. But even then something was amiss. And that is when he decided to go back to his roots, traverse his own backyard and hope for an epiphany!

He begins his journey from his hometown, Manali and travels up to the far-flung areas of Leh and Ladakh. His journey encompasses 7 valleys including Kangra, Chamba, Kinnaur, Spiti, Lahaul and Leh-Ladakh around the entire lower Himalayan ranges thus making it a comprehensive Himalayan Travelogue.

Map of Himalayan Travelogue

Way Back Home Map

Way Back Home Map

Way Back Home is musical travelogue of Ronnie's journey and after watching this your old love of traveling to the mountains will come back for sure. Throughout the journey, Rohan and his team touched the lives of ordinary people showed how are they living extraordinary lives in difficult himalayan conditions.

While talking to MTV Indies Rohan described this whole experience like this, “Way Back Home has been a life changing, mind bending, eye opening, testing all your limits kind of experience! I have felt the cold (literally), the thrill, the adrenaline, the magic, the otherworldly, the fear, the breath taking, the vastness, the serenity, the emptiness, the mammoth-ness, and the mystical, mythical, magnetic, majestic energy of the Himalayas and of the people that live there.”

Here is a glimpse of the Way Back Home - A Himalayan Travelogue series

Way Back Home - Series Promo

If you liked the promo then I'm sure you will like the series as well. Do watch Way Back Home - A Himalayan Travelogue on youtube to get inspired to travel again to the mountains.