Dubai Shopping Festival’s tentative dates are here. The festival will begin in December 2017 and will end in January 2018. Therefore, you can start preparing for the most amazing shopping festival in the world right now. With each year, the Dubai Shopping Festival only gets bigger and better, so, you can expect the 2017-18 edition to be the best one yet. Shopping takes center stage during the festival. You will be spoilt for choice on what to buy. However, there are a few must-buys when you are here for the festival. These products are best bought at the festival.


The most shopped product during DSF is a gold. Many DSF winners last year, took home a lot of gold, and same will be the case this year. But in case you don’t win the gold, you can always buy it. Dubai is known for gold shopping. The gold here is a high quality and priced cheap. Plus, during the festival, there are many offers on gold and gold jewelry. So, the gold you buy during the festival will be quite affordable and maybe even less than what price you’d pay in your country. You’ll also get to see amazing designs. So, the first thing to buy at the Dubai Shopping Festival is gold.


Another must-buy is high-end electronic products. These products are sure to be priced high in your country. However, as you may know, Dubai is a tax-free city. Therefore, all the taxes that add to the price of your product will not be found here. And of course, if you are buying during the festival, there is bound to be an offer on the product. Therefore, be patient, and wait until the Dubai Shopping Festival to buy the electronic device you’ve always wanted. You will save a lot of money.


Dubai is the fashion capital of the Middle East. Throughout the year, there are many fashion shows being held all over the city. Therefore, you can expect only the latest fashion wear trending in Dubai. The Dubai Shopping Festival is the best time for a wardrobe makeover. You will find clothes by the best brands with big discounts on them. There are places where discounts are as high as 70% - 80% is available. Also, try buying off-season clothes, as they too have big discounts on them. You will return from the festival as stylish as ever.

Raffle Ticket

Actually, this is the first thing you should buy when you are in Dubai for the shopping festival. The DSF raffle is probably the best raffle in the world. Almost everyone who is here takes part in it. But why is it so popular? It is the prizes that are on offer. You can win luxury cars, cash prizes, gold bars and diamond jewelry. Prizes worth of millions is given away each day. The raffle tickets only cost about AED 200 and are easily available. The winners are announced on TV. The draw takes place live at 10 pm each night. All these mega prizes are given every day of the festival. So, be sure to buy a ticket and try your luck, you can really end up with some awesome prizes.

Tours & Packages

The Dubai Shopping Festival is one of the busiest times for the tourism industry of Dubai. People from all over the world come to shop here. In fact, there are quite a few people who are regulars here and make it a point to come to Dubai each year. To cater to them and new tourists, all the tour service providers come up with great offers on their tour packages. You can compare and check online for the best offers. If you book in advance, you will get even better discounts. Along with your Dubai tour, you can take add-on packages to see places like the Burj Khalifa, Desert Safari, Dhow Cruise, etc. So, grab this opportunity to see the best of Dubai.

With the DSF dates being announced, preparations have begun in full swing. People just love coming here. Apart from the mind-boggling discounts and offers, and the raffle draw, the shopping festival is also known for entertainment, glitz, and glamour. Many celebrities too come here to be a part of the extravaganza. This just shows how insanely popular DSF is. So, match your vacation dates with the Dubai Shopping Festival, and take your family on a vacation they will never forget.