Review on Goa by KAKU

Posted on 6 years 5 months ago

FIRST OF ALL, its not a destination to be planned on a budget.
minimum expenditure will be 15k indian rupees, if you want to enjoy GOA.

The place is filled with international tourists and hence the culture of the territory is not at all indian.
the place is soothingly beautiful with friendly people around, raw lifestyle, empty but well built roads, and yes cheap liquor.

the cuisine is mostly the sea food hence influencing the taste of almost ever dish you order.
i am from delhi, and i love punjabi tadka , so maybe this is the reason i was not satisfied with the food.

but the vibe there compensated each and every flaw i experienced.

i will rate it 9/10 on my traveling destinations list.

Recommended days to stay: 
A week or more
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