Sometimes the only thing that holds us from traveling to new places is the MONEY. But two guys Anuj Khurana, 25, of Allahabad and Ishant Kumar Jadaun, 22, of Moradabad decided to travel across India without any money and this change made them experience this country in a true way. And they called themselves MOVE.

Gurgaon to Jaipur and back

Move Gurgaon-Jaipur-Gurgaon

Before starting on their crazy adventure they did a trial run on a four day long trip from Gurgaon to Jaipur and back to test each other for the adventure ahead with their friend Akash Sharma. Here is what they posted on their Facebook page Move.

"All three of us clad in our sleepwear, carrying only 100 bucks in our pockets, went on a hitchhiking trip from Gurgaon to Jaipur and back. We hopped on/into 18 vehicles ranging from bikes, trucks, passenger cars, a goods carrier, an auto-rickshaw, a Mercedes traveller and a VOLVO bus; waited for nearly 10 hours before vehicles gave us free rides; survived on the food requested from Domino's (which was obliged with a medium-sized pizza), asked from bakery shops and sponsored by a truck driver; slept on spare truck tyres, benches, dividers and the servant area of a wedding lodge; and warmed ourselves up for our 500 day hitchhiking trip across the country to do what we love doing the most-Hitting the Road! MOVE!"

Move in Mumbai

Move in Mumbai

Beginning point of their adventurous journey was Mumbai - The City of Dreams.

Tea at Lavasa

Tea at Lavasa

Got bikes arranged by a friend they met in Ladakh and traveled to Lavasa for a cup of Tea.

Pune to Aurangabad

Pune to Aurangabad

Took a nap

Pune to Aurangabad: Hopped in everything they could manage from a car, a truck, a tractor and a van, and took a nap next to a garbage dump while waiting for the vehicles to become a part of their journey.

Ellora caves

Ellora Caves

Exploring Ellora caves in Aurangabad.

Move at Kolhapur Pune Road

Move at Kolhapur Pune Road

Free transport travel

That's what free transport looks like. Somewhere at NH4 Kolhapur Pune Road.

Camping in Goa

Camping in Goa

Now it was time for Goa. They say this is the time they can never forget. They did camping on the beach and met new people who share the same passion for travel.

Wandering in Goa

They travelled around Goa flea markets, remote places and also lived in ashram.

Off to Bangalore

Off to Bangalore

Next destination was Bangalore from Hubli. And Banglore was the place that made them famous.

Move in Bangalore

Seminar in Bangalore International School

Posting their journey on Facebook made MOVE famous and they started to get invitations for meals and stays. They got around 300 invitation within their 25 days stay in Bangalore. MOVE got famous when they got published in The Deccan Chronicles. MOVE also invited to conduct a seminar in Bangalore International School.

Move thank you Bangalore

Before leaving Bangalore MOVE gave special thanks to all the people they met while in Bangalore.

Belgaum to Pune

Move Belgaum Pune

Move on the longest spin of their hike. Belgaum to Pune, NH-4, Karnataka- Maharashtra.

Tumkur to Hubli

Move most comfortable ride

As they say their most comfortable ride Tumkur to Hubli, Karnataka. We can see why ;)

Truck ride from Mumbai to Vapi (Gujrat)

The Truck Ride

MOVE on their best truck ride. After all they tasted desi daru with the truck driver. Mumbai to Vapi (Maharashtra - Gujarat)

Free Lunch at Expressway Toll

Move getting free lunch at the dining room of Expressway Toll Authority, Ahmedabad.

Jalebi at Manek-Chowk

Enjoying nightlife in Ahmedabad and having jalebi at 2:00 am in Manek-Chowk.

Journey from Himmatnagar to Udaipur

Move Haircut

Free Bus Ride

Got some bananas and free ride on a bus in sleeper class from Himmatnagar to Udaipur, for doing a haircut.

Finally in Nainital

Move in Nainital

After resting for some time in Aligarh at home. They went to Nainital to put their adventure for a hold and promised everyone for something bigger and better that takes this to the next level.

Here is what they say about their plans about this trip.

"Simply put, my plan was to travel across the length and breadth of this nation without money or, the constraints that it brings. I hitchhiked, borrowed, or did whatever it took to get me through another day. In the process, I aspired to spread smiles and share laughter."