Traveling is a big part of your life and if you want to express it, then what could be better than a tattoo? A tattoo can express your love for traveling to the world and always remind you of planning for your next travel adventure.

Here's the list of amazing travel-themed tattoo ideas to get before your next trip.

1. Tattoo of your favorite monument

Favorite monument tattoo

2. Coordinates of your favorite place

Coordinates of you favorite place

3. Boat tattoo if you love to go to open waters

Boat tattoo

4. Paper plane tattoo to always remind you to fly away

Paper plane tattoo

5. Ink your favorite travel quote

Travel quote tattoo

6. Or just a word to always inspire you to travel

Wanderlust tattoo

7. A tattoo on the neck showing what you are really from inside

Traveler tattoo on neck

8. Showing love for your favorite destination with a tattoo

Africa tattoo

9. Being a little adventurous

Adventure tattoo

10. Adding a few colors to your mountains love

Colorful mountains tattoo

Which one are you going to get?