So, on a Friday night I was sipping on my drinks at home, while watching the movie 'The Bucket List'.

Midway into the movie, certain thoughts filled me up. I started wondering, a lot of us want to do so many things, but mostly, are unable to. And in some cases, we are unable to do them, because we don't even know what they are.

I started wondering, whether people even know what are the things that would make them happy in the first place?

Some people really want to dance in the rain, but when it’s raining, they forget about it while working on their workstations. Some people really want to learn baking, but forget about it on their lazy Sundays. Some people really want to travel to their favourite destination, but are unable to because of some or the other reason.

That’s when an idea struck.

How about requesting people to write down their Bucket List.

This way, not only would they think about the things they really want to do, but also write them down somewhere, and hopefully after they do, even tick the items on it, one at a time. And ticking off one’s Bucket List gives happiness like no other.

So, I thought of posting this on my Instagram Story, as I could have reached out to people who follow me there. While I was posting the story, I got filled with some sort of goodness. I realised, while everyone needs to write down their Bucket List, and strike off things, one at a time, maybe I should work towards helping them strike at least one thing on the list.

So, apart from requesting people to share their Bucket List, I also offered them that if travelling to any place in the Himalayas features on their Bucket List, I would love to gift it to them.

And I did the same. My Instagram story asked people to share their Bucket List, tag me on it (so that I’m notified) and someone would get an all-expense paid trip to the Himalayas from me.

So, basically, you can say, Mujhe Sharaab Mehengi Padd Gayi (They say Liquor is injurious to your wallet. In my case, rightly so).

My first story on Instagram

Now, am a regular guy, in a regular job. I really have to save money, and at times struggle for it, when I plan to travel. So, as soon as I was sober, I thought of taking the story down, and instead use that money for my next trip. But, by then some people had filled up their Bucket List and shared it on their Instagram. Looking at those wonderful places and experiences they yearn for on their Bucket List, I couldn’t take the story down. Instead, I wished that the idea grows further. Even if that would have meant skipping a trip of my own and gifting it to someone else, I was game for it.

A fellow traveler, and a friend, wanderershub really like the initiative and pitched in. She said she would like to gift a prize to the runner up too. May God bless her for believing in the idea and seeing the goodness in it.

Now, I have received a few hundred Bucket Lists by now. Am glad to see some lovely lists with some lovely destinations on it. And am even gladder to see that some people’s list do not have a travel destination, yet are sharing their Bucket List. Some got creative with their lists. Some had fun in it. All in all, was elated with the response.

- If you think, you’d like a free trip, share your Bucket List on your social media (I started it on Instagram, but everyone’s free to share it anywhere they’d like, and tag me so that I’m notified).

- If you believe in the idea, help it grow by sharing it.

- If you think, a friend would love it, share this or tag him/her on my Instagram posts.

- If you don’t believe in it, would still request you to fill up your Bucket List in your diary, on a sticky note, in your mobile phone, as a to-do-list on your pinup board. It would remind you of the things that would really make you happy, and I wish, you strike each thing very very soon.

How to be eligible for the free trip?


1. Share your Bucket List on your Instagram Story or as an Instagram Post.

2. Tag @saurabhsabikhi and @wanderershub on your bucket list, so that we are notified.

3. Take a screenshot of the initiative and post it as your second story (or second picture in the post). So that people know what this is about, and have access to the steps involved.

4. Tag people you would like to take this trip.

5. The winner and runner up would be chosen on the 31st of March.

P.S. – If you are sharing your Bucket List as a story, please highlight the story, so that your list doesn’t disappear after 24 hours. This way, when the winner is chosen, everyone can see the winning person’s list.

Here's the format / information slide you could use to write your bucket list. Or just save it and share it as your story along with your bucket list, so that people know what this is about.

Check my Instagram account for all details -

If you are not on Instagram, connect elsewhere and feel free to share your list on your facebook, twitter or anywhere else, but do tag me so that I get notified.



If you have any idea so as how to make it better, feel free to connect. Suggestions are always welcome.