The one city which was pending in my bucket list - Paris, finally the day had come to see the dream coming true when I was about to land in the #CityOfLove :)

Here are all the moments in the video :)

Day 1:

It was a long flight, approx 9 hours from Bangalore to Paris but a quite comfortable one. Thanks to the #onTimeArrival #YummyFood #BetterInfortainment provided by the #AirFrance.

We landed around 8 am and it took approx 40 minutes to finish the immigration and baggage collection.

Because of the unfortunate terrorist attacks in France, the immigration officers are more cautious and alert. They may ask you all the details- including hotel stay, the reason of visit, places to see if it's a tourist visa etc. Be prepared with all documents and calmly answer all the queries.

There was a free WIFI Zone at the Paris airport, we quickly checked our emails and made sure we Instagram our first post of the Paris City ;)

The taxis are quite costly in Paris, it charged us around 52 Euros from the airport to our hotel in the Bois Colombes.

There is a well connected metro service too, but we preferred to share the Taxi because of the luggage and the multiple transfers in case of the metro. Paris metro is divided in the different zone, the city comes under the Zone 1 whereas Airport is in the zone 5. We choose the hotel outside the main city, which comes under the zone 3. This is very important to know, as you need to buy the metro ticket/pass as per the zone.

It was the month of June, Paris was going through the heat wave, which is very rare. We were surprised to see that there was no AC or fan in our hotel room :(, so make sure you check before you book the hotel if you are traveling in the summer season.

After having a quick rest, we decided to go to the iconic Eiffel Tower. We took the metro from Bois Colombes to the Saint Lazare and then transferred to line number 9 till Trocadero station. It cost us 2.7 Euros for the single journey.

You can see the wide angle of the amazing view of Eiffel Tower as soon as you come out of the Metro Station. Even though it was burning hot, but still the view of this landmark was framed in our hearts.

To avoid the waiting in the long queue, you need to book the online tickets in advance if you wish to visit the second/top level of the Eiffel tower. This time, we just wanted to take some good pictures from below :)

But the sad part was, we didn't get online tickets for the next day as its full. This is a useful tip to book the tickets for the Eiffel Tower in well advance.

As in summertime, the days are quite long, so we had enough time left to pay a visit to the Notre Dame Cathedral. The entry to the cathedral is free of cost, but because of the long queue, we decided to come back on the next day :)

Day 2:

We decided to go to the Louvre museum on the second day. We already booked the tickets for the Louvre Museum online using the TripAdvisor and it cost 15Euros per person. We needed to collect the tickets from the CityVision office, which is just a two minutes walk from the Louvre. It will be on the way if you have taken the Metro till Pyramid station.

After collecting the tickets for the Louvre, the lady offered us the tickets for the City Tour which also included the Eiffel Tower. As the Louvre tickets are open and can be used on any day/anytime, we were happy to go for the City Tour in the AC bus. It was little expensive, as it cost 60 Euros per person but we didn't want to miss the chance to go to the second level of Eiffel Tower.

I would not suggest this city tour as you can't get down and see the city up close, instead, i would prefer the hop-in city tour buses. The good thing about the tour was to get a ticket to the Eiffel Tower's second level :)

The view of the city from the top is amazing. We spend around 1 hour to capture the city and the Eiffel tower's close view.

After finishing the visit to the top, we went for the River Cruise which is next to the harbor port in the Seine river. We already bought the tickets from the CityVison, which cost us 15 euros per person. I would suggest taking the cruise in the Night-time to really feel the cool breeze with the breathtaking view of the Eiffel Tower.

The day ended well with a lot of good photos and tired legs, as you need to walk a lot in the city :D

Day 3:

The day started with a metro journey to the Pyramid station to reach near the Louvre Museum. This time we bought the one day pass for zone 1/3, which allows you to travel unlimited metro transfer with the cost of just 10 euros.

Even though we had online tickets, still it took 40 minutes to get inside the museum. The good thing about the museum is Air conditioned and WIFI enabled :D

The museum was overcrowded with hundreds of tourist pouring in and most of them searching for the famous Mona-Lisa painting which also includes us. As a modern-day tradition, everyone was posing for a selfie in front of her.

Apart from the famous paintings, the museum is filled with a lot of sculptures, antiques, and artifacts from all over the world. This makes this museum the costliest of all.

You may need minimum 3-4 hours to cover the whole museum which is spread over many floors and section.

After finishing the museum we decided to take rest, so we took a metro back to the hotel. I didn't want to miss the night view of the Eiffel tower, so we head back to the tower again in the late night.

Luckily the heat wave took a day off and the weather in Paris become like a hill station, the one its famous for. The amazing view of the Eiffel Tower drenched with the colorful light and the cold breeze made our day, this was the best moment of the trip for sure. We spent hours in the garden near the tower and take hundreds of photos :D

Day 4:

For the last day in the city, we decided to explore areas outside the city too. We found one park "Parc des Buttes-Chaumont" as a major attraction, so we decided to spend some time to get close to nature. The park is quite big and filled with the water lakes, waterfall, and small bridges. It's a very good place to spend the evening and take the good photos.

After spending the half day in the park, we went to the famous Notre Dame Cathedral. This time we waited in the queue for 30 minutes, although the queue was quite long it moved very quickly. The entry to the cathedral is free of cost unless you want to go to the top tower which needs a paid ticket. You need to dress appropriately to go inside the cathedral. The view from inside is fascinating too, you can offer a candle for the prayer by paying 2 euros

The last stop for the day was Sainte Chapelle, its very near to the Cathedral. We booked the tickets online, which cost 10 euros per person. The view inside the Chapelle is very beautiful, it's filled the big colorful windows filtering out the light. You can explore the Chapelle in 30 minutes, as nothing much to see inside apart from those windows on the first floor.

There are plenty of museum and other attractions in the city which are worth of visiting, but we had to fill our platter with above options only as we had to go to the beach cities e.e. Nice & Antibes for the next four days :)

I wish you visit Paris soon to have an amazing time for falling in love with its beauty.

Au revoir .....