We always want to travel with our partner to a romantic destination as it stronger our bond and we learn more things about them while we are traveling with them.

Murad Osmann is a Russian photographer who always had a passion for photography and love for travel. This is how he and his girlfriend started the most romantic trend of "Follow Me" photos.

The first shot in Barcelona

Murad Osmann was with his girlfriend Natalia Zakharova in Barcelona, Spain in 2011. They were walking along the streets and enjoying the city. As Murad was constantly clicking photos and his girlfriend got annoyed and she pulled him by the hand turned away, that’s the moment when Murad clicked the first shot of "Follow Me" photography series.

Follow me to Barcelona

After this, it became the most romantic journey together for this couple as they travel the most amazing romantic destination around the world and in India as well.


Follow me to Venice

Hong Kong

Follow me to Hong Kong

With Frankenstein

Follow me to Frankenstein


Follow me to Bali

Miami Beach

Follow me to Beach

New York

Follow me to New York


Follow me to Moscow

He Proposed

Follow Me Proposal

And she said YES!


Follow me to Maldives


Follow Me to Agra


Follow me to Varanasi

New Delhi

Follow me to New Delhi


Follow me to Jodhpur

Holi in Varanasi

Follow me Holi in Varanasi

And here the couple

Murad Osmann and Matalia Zakharova

Not sure if anything else could be more romantic than this.

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