Agra city positioned in India is located on the banks of the river Yamuna in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh. It is 378 kilometers south of the capital, Lucknow, 58 kilometers south of Mathura and 125 kilometers north of Gwalior. It is one of the most populous cities in Uttar Pradesh and the 24th most populous in India.

Agra is a major tourist destination because of its many Mughal-era buildings, most notably the Taj Mahal, Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri, all of which are UNESCO world heritage sites. Agra falls within the Braj culture region and is included in the Golden Triangle tourist circuit, along with Delhi and Jaipur, and is known as the Uttar Pradesh heritage Arc. So that’s why at least one time you should make same day Agra tour. When you plan to visit Agra you may also opt for the same day Agra tour by car or same day Taj Mahal tour by train.

People think Agra is just for Taj Mahal. But, it is an enthusiast place that would put you in awe. When you go for same day Agra tour by car than you have many places for visiting, like Taj Mahal which is the most common and famous place and on other option, you can also see Agra Fort, Fatehpur Sikri, Itimad-Ud-doula's Tomb, Tomb of Akbar, Jama Masjid (Agra) and many more place. Agra has an opulent traditional, and also cultural and mythological importance. It has treasures of pilgrimages, monuments, lakes, picturesque, wildlife reserves and various famed places. While a tourist visit in India he wishes to see the biggest and remarkable embodiment of love (Taj Mahal) that was placed in Agra. Agra is a divine city and old city that hold a mythical significance for tourist people.

For stress-free vacations, you can explore the same day Agra tour by car with your family as it is the best place to strengthen bonds and rejuvenate the love between dear ones. And what could be a better place to have a good time with your family members than Agra? The pleasant weather, beautiful sceneries and delightful food are sure to put you in your best mood to reveal the best time with your family. Agra features a semiarid climate that borders on a humid subtropical climate. 

The city features mild winters, hot and dry summers and monsoon season. However, the monsoons, though substantial in Agra, are not quite as heavy as the monsoon in other parts of India. Agra is a colorful place, it still has a colorful medieval look. The narrow lanes, modern era hustle, and local amusement would attract visitors. Starting from the local relishing cuisine to Indo-Persian architecture people usually visit Agra for a day or two to enjoy all the attractions, there are a lot of awe-factors in this land. Starting from Holi to Diwali, a lot of festivals would transform this district into a paradise. If you want to look at the real color of Agra, Visit there during an important festival.